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Hi! My name is Kyrstin, but everyone calls me Khaos, even though I am on my best behavior and no longer wreaking khaos in anyone's lives:) I am a loving life, try anything twice type of gal. Four-wheeling, off-roading, horseback riding, cruising on a Fat Boy, or flying on a Ducati. I love to cook and read also.

It's sad but true "Out of sight, out of mind". That's exactly what happened when I left the county and was pulled to prison. I would be lying if I said I wasn't feeling a little forgotten and abandoned right now. However, I will not let my circumstances defeat me, or bring me down. I am making the best of my situation. I am very passionate and empathetic. I just want to be on someone's mind all the time and have them know that they are also on mine!

I promise you will never be bored or experience a dull moment with me. Give me a chance, and I'll keep you entertained! You're only doing yourself a disservice if you don't reach out to me, you just don't know what you're missing! I hope to talk to you soon!

Kyrstin Ross 02426303
Hobby Unit
P.O. Box 660400
Dallas, Texas 75266

Date of Birth: 1/14/1992
Height: 5'4"
Education: Earliest Release Date: 5/16/2029 Maximum Release Date: 11/15/2038
Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes, both (This does not refer to sexual orientation)
Can you receive and send Email: Yes, securustech.net
Occupation before prison: Activities in prison: Anything Else?