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Miami girl born and raised who’s found herself in a place with little sunshine. But I try to see the silver lining each and every day.

At a point in my life where I’m excited to meet new people and connect with others outside these walls. I have great energy and a lot of life experience.

I love to learn about new cultures, dance, work out, read, watch movies, cook and listen to music.

If interested in learning more about me, message me on JPay.com or write to me at the address below.

In your correspondence, please do not mention 'penpal' or JailBabes.com as my state does not allow us to post on this site

Jessica Crane i156381
Lowell Annex
P.O. Box 23608
Tampa, Florida 33623

Date of Birth: 12-27-1976
Height: 5'3"
Religion: Christian
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Earliest Release Date: 1-20-2045
Maximum Release Date: 1-13-2046
Can you receive email? Can receive via JPay.com
Please provide your mailing address so I can respond
Occupation before prison: Real Estate
Activities in prison: Reading, Crafts, Exercise