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I am a veterinarian currently attending the university of hard knocks. It's not nearly as fun or educational as Texas A&M was, but it's certainly interesting. I spend most of my time here trying to stay fit and trying to learn new things. I walk and work out a lot, and I read quite a bit to stimulate my mind. I very much love animals, good friends, and family. I also love music, dancing, most sports, and outdoor activities.

If you are interested in knowing more and corresponding, please write me or email me, but include your actual, physical  mailing address if you use jpay.com because I cannot email you back.

Notice: If you email Wendi via JPay.com, you must include your postal mailing address or she will not be able to respond. She can receive emails but can only respond via postal mail.

Wendi Davidson 1407817
Lane Murray Unit
1916 Hwy 36 Bypass
Gatesville, Texas 76596

Race: White
Date of Birth: 7-23-1978
Height: 5'
Education: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Earliest Release Date: 2020
Maximum Release Date: 2031
Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)  
Can you receive and send Email: Can receive via www.JPay.com
Please provide your mailing address so I can respond
Occupation before prison: Veterinarian
Activities in prison: Working out, Reading, Drawing, Music, TV