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Seeking friendships that are positive and fun. I'm looking forward to meeting new people that are charismatic, energetic, and down to earth. I have a great sense of humor and hope you can make me laugh. I have been in prison for nine years now, and have been very productive this entire time.

When I am released I hope to have many options when choosing a career. I am a family-oriented person with a kind and caring heart. I love to dance, swim, exercise, listen to music, ride motorcycles, cook all types of food, work with animals and fix things. I like being outdoors and taking my kids places to do fun exciting things also I love to spend time at home with a good movie or a book.

My car accident and this time in prison have changed my entire outlook on life and I never take any moment for granted. I learn as much as I can when I can and chose my friends wisely. If you would like to be a good positive friend to me please write me by JPay.com IF YOU USE JPAY TO WRITE ME PLEASE PUT YOUR RETURN PHYSICAL ADDRESS SO I CAN WRITE YOU BACK VIA USPS SINCE I CAN NOT SEND EMAILS IN RETURN REPLY TO YOU! Can't to get to know you.
F- Fight for you
R- Respect you
I- Include you
E- Encourage you
N- Need you
D- Delight you
S- Stand by you... FRIEND

Tabitha Elliott 01852169
TDCJ Crain Unit
1401 State School Road
Gatesville, Texas 76599

Date of Birth: 8/22/1979
Height: 5'9"
Education: Some College
Earliest Release Date: 11/2022
Maximum Release Date: 5/2027
Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)  
Can you receive and send Email: jpay.com receive only. Can only respond through the postal service.
Occupation before prison: Operations Manager
Activities in prison: HVAC, Electrician, Dog Training, Animal Wellness and care taking, Faith based program, parenting, vocational
Anything Else? Exercise