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My name is Melissa Mae Davis-Stokola. I have green eyes and naturally blonde hair to my waist. I'm very open and honest. I'm not easily offended nor do I judge too quickly. I'm always laughing, even at my own expense and putting a smile on someone's face is the highlight of any day.

My passion is photography and I always have a book in my hand.

I'm currently serving a 10 year sentence for an accident involving a death. God willing, I should be home soon.

I'm looking to meet new people and expand my life and friendships beyond these walls. Unfortunately, as the years go by they also get lonely with little to look forward to.

If you'd like to get to know me, please be sure to provide an address when using JPay.com, otherwise I will not be able to respond back to you.

Notice: If you write Melissa via www.JPay.com email, you must include your postal mailing address or she will not be able to respond. She can receive emails but can only respond via postal mail

Melissa Davis-Stokola 02165778
Crain Unit
1401 State School Road
Gatesville, Texas 76599

Date of Birth: 2-6-1995
Height: 5'7"
Education: High School
Earliest Release Date: August 2021
Maximum Release Date: August 2026
Can you receive email? Yes
If yes which service? jpay.com
Can you respond to email? I can only respond with postal mail
Occupation before prison: Bartender/Waistress
Activities in prison: College, culinary arts, working out
Anything else?