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Hello, I'm Sasha, a mature female that has made poor choices in my life.

I'm seeking friends who have a great understanding, who are willing to help me correct my poor choices. Yes, I'm incarcerated and denied so many of the freedoms and privileges. I associate with people who can uplift, comfort and motivate me.

Are you open minded? Will you be drawn to my intelligence and how genuine I am without ulterior motives? Because I want to be able to understand and appreciate the meaning of a solid friendship.

I have no intention of wasting time. I have learned that most hardship also presents opportunity for growth. Some of my most difficult experiences have been valuable lessons in my life.

Please take the opportunity to see if we can start a strong friendship. The key to a true friendship is honesty, love and respect. So let the journey begin.

You can email me at Jpay.com. Please be sure to provide your return mailing address so that I can contact you directly.


Notice: If you write Keisysha via JPay.com email you must include your postal mailing address or she will not be able to respond. She can receive emails but can only respond via postal mail.

Keisysha Winfield #1972304
Lane Murray Unit
1916 N. Hwy 36 Bypass
Gatesville, Texas 76596

Date of Birth: 6/30/1990
Height: 5'5"
Education: College
Earliest Release Date: 2/3/2022
Maximum Release Date: 8/4/2030
Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes, both
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)  
Can you receive and send Email: Can receive via Jpay.com
Please provide your mailing address so I can respond
Occupation before prison: Full time college student
Activities in prison: School, church, reading, listening to music