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I am in Harris County facing a charge that of course I'm innocent of!
My name is Jennifer Thomas. I am a 39 year old female. I love laughing, playing in the rain and singing in the shower. I am very loving, caring and kind. If I find the time I love doing creative things such as art festivals, and museums. That is when I am free. I am a free loving spirit in the real world I am a country girl at heart YEE HAW!!! I like taking care of animals and I do mean all animals. I find myself taking care of the little birds that come to recreation. I take them crumbs of dried bread. I hate that they don't allow care animals in here like they do in Prison, it would make my time go by easier. I am independent and I think everyone is my friend hence the reason I am in here HELLO. But I am not going to let the past bring me down or let anything stop me from being a beautiful spirit on the inside or out. This place will not break my spirit I have the Lord to guide me and to protect me.

I just want everyone to know that I am lonely and need a pen-pal and someone to need me as well.  God is love and know God keeps me in peace but know that this place can always have its moments. I know in those moments where I have my groups and I have read my books and need some other companionship I love to write and would love to write YOU.

Jennifer Thomas 01797069
Harris County Jail
1200 Baker
4H 1
Houston, Texas 77002

Date of Birth: 12/21/1981
Height: 5'3"
Education: Some College
Earliest Release Date: August 21, 2021
Maximum Release Date:
Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)  
Can you receive and send Email: No
Occupation before prison: CNA
Activities in prison: 
Anything Else? Happiness is Knowing There is Someone Out There For Everyon