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My name is Ivonne. I'm a 40 year old Mexican American.

I'm looking to lay a foundation on which to build up new friendships. A letter goes a long way. Your thoughts, feelings, laughs and activities on paper will help my mind to temporarily escape the reality of my confinement. It also builds bridges that not only reconnect me to the outside world, but also lead to new friendships.

I appreciate your time and hope to be writing to you soon. Please include and address and/or phone number.

Notice: If you write Ivonne via www.corrlinks.com email, you must include your postal mailing address or she will not be able to respond. She can receive emails but can only respond via postal mail.

Ivonne Cabrera #1026217
4370 Smiley Road
N. Las Vegas, Nevada 89115

Race: Hispanic
Date of Birth: 7/17/1980
Height: 5’5”
Earliest Release Date: N/A
Maximum Release Date: Life
Religion: Christian
Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes
(This does not refer to sexual orientation) 
Education: H.S. Diploma
Occupation before prison: Legal Assistant  
Activities in prison: Maintenance Worker
Can you receive and send emails: Can receive via corrlinks.com 
Please provide your mailing address so I can respond