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Are you searching for a first lady because I’m looking for a best man.

I’m almost to the door but still single with no one to share my life with. I have much saved up energy and curiosity, waiting to be set free. I need a secure, mature man to sweep me up and carry me off into his sunset. Do you think that could be you? If so, I’m ready and waiting to hear from you. I’d like to add I believe true friends should be built on trust, respect, honesty, appreciation, sincerity and attention.

If you decide to be my friend, here are some things I promise to be for you: Someone you can come to for comfort, eyes you can look into and trust, a heart that understands and doesn’t judge, a supporting shoulder to cry on if needed, a prompt reply to all your letters, and time devoted to you, and you alone. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then don’t hesitate to write back.

Please, excuse my audacity, but I’m willing to bet that your life can be more exciting than it is right now. But, if you are satisfied with life, or have it all, then you need to go no further with this. I’m sure you’ve got enough people than to waste your time with things you don’t really need or want. I’m not one of those people.

Best regards,

Heather Rene

Send me a paper letter and include your phone number if you want to talk!

Heather Keylon #388635
3881 Stewart Lane
Nashville, Tennessee 37218

Date of birth: 8/26/1984
Height: 5’4”     
Education: College         
Occupation before prison: House Appraiser Assistant      
Earliest release date: 7/7/2023     
Maximum release date: 2001  
Would you like letters from both sexes? Both
(Question does not refer to sexual orientation)
Can you receive email? No   
If yes which email service?      
Can you respond to email?
Activities in prison: Studying to be certified Paralegal
Anything Else? Also taking psychology/sociology courses