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Hi my nickname is Ivey, 49 years old, 5'4. I52 pounds, 38C. Long perfumed silk in platinum blond hair, ice blue eyes. I have a particular craving for a man that can give me raw excitement mixed with new emotion and willing to go through this cloth road in life with me. To know everything I experience... Fiery, submissive to love and love pleasing my lover were the chemistry between us is intoxicating. My love is pure if only you'd taste it and you'd understand. You can email me at securustech.net/tablets or write me at Wilma Ivey FCDC 600 old Frankfort circle Lexington KY 40056. Let's have fun, Ivey !

Wilma Ivey 7341
Fayette County Detention Center
302 West Franklin, Suite B
Louisa, Kentucky 41230

Date of birth: 3/6/1973
Height: 5'4"
Education: 141th
Occupation before prison: 3/6/1973
Earliest release date: 5/6/2023
Maximum release date: 12/22/2023
Would you like letters letters from both sexes? Male only
(Question does not refer to sexual orientation)
Can you receive email? Yes
If yes which email service? Securustech.net/tablets
Can you respond to email? Yes
Activities in prison:  Exercise, sports, and all different types of recreational things
Anything else?