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Sharon Hall #4251

Beautiful single black woman in search of “soul-mate”, someone to call my own…

Intelligent, athletic positive woman looking for a lover, companion or maybe just a friend. Someone with similar interest and enough differences to complement each other’s lives. I would like someone who knows the gift of life and the blessings of giving. I’m honest, understanding, non-judgmental, great listener, music lover, wonderful cook and much more. I want someone that enjoys the special times and is willing to stand by each other through the rough periods in life, as I’ll give the same. I would really like someone who bears patience and realizes their own short comings and mine enough that it fosters trust and understanding. I’m seeking someone who is willing to accept me as the woman I am today – despite my past. I want one who feels connected, committed just so in love, who really wants a lifetime with happiness and laughter. Race is unimportant flowed by any disabilities. I am willing to relocate. I want a woman that knows how to love completely and wants to be loved just the same and is not afraid of losing her individuality but instead creates an identity together. Someone loyal and dedicated capable of bringing a smile to my heart by their presence, who eases my mind by the sound of their voice, who lifts my spirits when I am down. Someone that isn’t afraid to give me a second chance of life and start a new life with…is this you? If so, please w/b at Sharon Hall 4251, KCIW PO Box 337, Pewee Valley, Kentucky, 40056.  

Sharon Hall #4251
KCIW PO Box 337
Pewee Valley, Kentucky 40056

Race: Black
Date of Birth: 11-21-1965  
Height: 5’3”
Religion: Rastafarian
Education: High School Graduate
Earliest Release Date:
Maximum Release Date: 6-52061
(This does not refer to sexual orientation) 
Can you receive and send Email: Yes
Occupation before prison: Metro Park Worker/ Cord and Cable
Activities in prison: Basketball / in and outdoor sports
Anything else? Enjoy new things in life