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  I have three wonderful children and 5 grandkids. I graduated from Boston High in Lake Charles Louisiana. I enjoy traveling and  participate in church activities. I also enjoy reading and comedy.My family means the world to me and I enjoy doing family vacation with my grandkids, but I made some wrong choices that put me here. I am learning from those mistakes and allowing myself to move forward. This is my first and last experience that I will allow myself to be away from my family . I am looking for someone who express and enjoy the same like as me who can help me emotionally through this process and after. Someone who can comfort and give me advice to advance my life in a positive way.

Sabrina Deville 35501-034
FCE Aliveville Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 4000
Aliceville, Alabama 35442

Race: Black
Date of Birth: 12-16-1968
Height: 5'8"
Religion: Child of God
Education: Associate
Earliest Release Date: 11-14-2020
Maximum Release Date: 3-14-2024
Can you receive email?
If yes which service?
Can you respond to email?
Occupation before prison:
Activities in prison: Reading, Church, School
Anything else?