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Monica Garcia #WE1489

I’m a woman with a strong influential nature, and am often inclined to be commanding to those around me. I have a strong will and I have to be in control in every aspect of my life and when I’m not, I feel out of my element. Whatever I do, I try to do to the best of my ability. I’m a good networker and have the excellent faculty of making and keeping friends from all walks of life. I have a wicked sense of humor. I’m open, frank and extremely honest. I don’t sugar coat shit and I don’t expect anyone who contacts me to sugar coat shit either. When I give my word I am sure to keep it, no matter what personal inconvenience it may cause me. Although life has been empty and lonely for me, I’m fond of my friends, non-judgmental, loving, caring and compassionate. I have a quick mind, a strong backbone and a HUGE dominant streak. So I have a lusty physical passion for subs. On the other hand, I’m attracted to individuals who know their own mind and although at times I can be sensitive, I can also be innovative and courageous, with plenty of energy. I’m inviting you into this crazy world I live in. With this warning: If your looking for some innocent sweet girl, I’m NOT the one for you. I’m 90% bitch, & 10% angel. I call things how I see it and most times what I have to say is cut throat but true, even if that truth hurts. Xoxo Monica

Monica Garcia #WE1489
PO Box 1508
Chowchilla, California 93610

Race: Mex
Date of Birth: 7-15-1980
Height: 5’3”
Earliest Release Date: 2023
Maximum Release Date: 2026
Would you like letters from both sexes?
(This does not refer to sexual orientation) 
Education: GED
Occupation before prison: Receptionist
Activities in prison: Workout and groups
Can you receive and send emails: Yes via www.JPay.com
Anything else? School – college