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Megan Skipper 459602
  I'm an intelligent and out going person looking for some good friends and conversation. I have 3 children. I love doing hair and plan on pursuing it when I get released. Hopefully I will be getting out in March of 2018 but if not then I have less than a year left until my time is flattened. I enjoy many different activities of life and cannot wait until I can fill my life back with positive things and people. Please contact me through email or mail.

Megan Skipper 459602
West Tennessee State Penitentiary
P.O. Box 1150
Henning, Tennessee 38041

Race: White
Date of Birth: 11-8-1986
Height: 5'2"
Education: Cosmetology
Earliest Release Date: March 2018
Maximum Release Date: 6-29-2019
Can you receive email? Yes
If yes which service? jpay.com
Can you respond to email? Yes
Occupation before prison: Cosmetologist
Activities in prison: 
Anything else?