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Megan Skipper 459602
  I'm an intelligent and out going person looking for some good friends and conversation. I have 3 children. I love doing hair and plan on pursuing it when I get released. Hopefully I will be getting out in March of 2018 but if not then I have less than a year left until my time is flattened. I enjoy many different activities of life and cannot wait until I can fill my life back with positive things and people. Please contact me through email or mail.

Megan Skipper 459602
1045 Horsehead Rd.
Pikeville, Tennessee 37367

Race: White
Date of Birth: 11-8-1986
Height: 5'2"
Education: Cosmetology
Earliest Release Date: March 2018
Maximum Release Date: 6-29-2019
Can you receive email? No
If yes which service?
Can you respond to email?
Occupation before prison: Cosmetologist
Activities in prison: 
Anything else?