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Laura Smith #375429
I am seeking friendship. I am a single mother and love children. I love to have fun, cut up, and laugh. I am using my incarceration as a learning experience so I can help women like myself to change direction of their lives and help them to resolve legal issues. I love to meet new people and I am a very loyal person and friend. Most of all I love to joke and have fun no matter what the circumstances are. I also enjoy art and drawing. I am a paralegal specializing in criminal and juvenile law. I am  an advocate for women continuing their education. I am athletic and enjoy exercising and playing volleyball. I look forward to meeting new people.

Laura Smith #375429
480 Greenchapel Rd.
Henning, Tennessee 38041

Race: white
Date of Birth: 5-12-1980  
Height: 5’2”
Religion: Christian
Education: GED
Earliest Release Date: 12-2017
Maximum Release Date: 11-2018
Would you like letters from both sexes? yes
(This does not refer to sexual orientation) 
Can you receive and send Email: no
Occupation before prison: paralegal intern
Activities in prison: reading, legal studies, playing volleyball, listening to music
Anything else? Using time to continue education