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Latashia Gallagher 2164365
Hi, my name is Latashia. I am looking for a pen pal and hopefully someone I can have as a real friend. There is so much more to me. I have taken the wrong path and I am paying the price for it. What really matters to me is that I live my life when I leave here and have a friend. I have a passion for art, portraits, and I love tattoos! I love the outdoors, camping, fishing and I love all animals. I don't have any kids at this time. You can email me via JPay.com, I can only write back though. Letters would be so nice too. Please write me... I really look forward to hearing from you... Thank you

Latashia Gallagher 2164365
2893 State Hwy 6
Marlin, Texas 76661

Race: White
Date of Birth: 8-10-1981
Height: 5'6"
Religion: Catholic
Projected Release Date: 3-9-2023
Can you receive email? Yes
If yes which service? JPay.com
Can you respond to email? No
Occupation before prison: Owned my own house cleaning
Activities in prison: Art, Painting, Studying
Anything else?