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Kaulika Arensberg #09060-046

Okay..well, I guess I will start with my roots. I was born and raised in Missoula, Montana. I guess you might say I am a country girl in some aspects of my life. What I mean is I enjoy the great outdoors. I like swimming, hiking, and camping. But, with that country girl comes a material one. I love shopping, whether in the flesh or online. I feel like I express myself a lot in how I dress and present myself. While I am not afraid to get dirty with the guys, I am a girly girl through and through! Other hobbies I enjoy are cooking, gardening, reading, and a variety of ways to exercise. A very important thing I enjoy doing while doing almost all things is MUSIC! There are days where I don’t know how I could weather my incarceration without my MP3 Player. Here are some personality traits I find myself and seek in other people: loyalty, integrity, intelligence, a sense of humor, compassion, and being open-minded.

What I am looking for? I am looking for someone who wants to share things about their day and life in exchange for things about mine. I have to say, being in prison is kind like watching the movie “Groundhog Day” on loop, but I can assure you my perceptions and anecdotes will keep you entertained.
I am looking for a friend to correspond with to help these next 2 years pass a little faster. If, by some twist of fate, I meet the man of my dreams? Well, what a silver lining this cloud over my life would have! I hope to hear from you soon! 

Kaulika Arensberg #09060-046
FCI Waseca
PO Box 1731
Waseca, Minnesota  56093

Race: White
Date of Birth: 9-03-1980  
Height: 5’7”
Religion: Christian
Education: 2 years college in Computer Sciences
Earliest Release Date: 02-2019
Maximum Release Date: 02-2021
Would you like letters from both sexes?
(This does not refer to sexual orientation) 
Can you receive and send Email: Yes via www.corrlinks.com
Occupation before prison: Administrative Assistant
Activities in prison: Horticulture, Exercising, Reading and Cards
Anything Else? I try to participate in anything to better myself