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Hi, my name is Jen but I go by Alzena or Z for short. I am from Providence, Rhode Island, but have been in Florida since I was 13. I'm fun, sincere, out going and down to Earth. I'm also rebellious and reckless at times, which is why I'm in prison. I've been on my own my whole life, started running away young and never stopped. But this isn't a poor me story. I've had extreme times becuz I've made extreme choices, good and bad. I'm not one to hold resentments or scoreboards. I know no one was born with an instruction manual and we're all learning as we go along. I've learned hard lessons in life and becuz I'm stubborn I've sometimes had to learn the lessons more than once. But I'm working to improve myself. I finally learned how to be alone with myself. One of my best qualities is loyalty. I've been told I'm loyal to a fault, but I don't see it as something that is done half way. I have no children and have never been married. They are two things that if I choose to do, I want  to do right. I don't have much family so it gets lonely in here. I would love to get to know you. Who knows what could become of this! I hope you take the time to write. IF you get to know me I might just make you love me!

Jennifer Corbin R57454
Florida Women's Reception Center
3700 N.W. 111th Place
Ocala, Florida 34482-1479 

Race: White
Date of Birth: 10-18-1984
Height: 5'7"
Religion: Christian 
Education: GED/Some college
Earliest Release Date: 12-13-2019
Maximum Release Date: 12-13-2020
Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes
(This does not refer to sexual orientation)  
Can you receive and send Email: Yes
Occupation before prison: Customer Service
Activities in prison: I like to everything at least once