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Ivy Beverly #wf7373
I’m reaching out to say “HELLO”!!! To someone who may be willing to develop a novel friendship with a sweet and energetic woman such as myself, who has a warm personality!!! And, whose synergy can be epitomized by the following two epithets that define my very essence:
1) “The DARKER The Berry _ _ _ The Sweeter the Juice” !!! MMMHHMMM!!!! Lol _ _ _ ha ha ha
2) “40” is the new “20” !!! Particularly, because I am a “48” year old, “Dark” skinned African-American female!!! And, even more so, because I luv living in a house where the air is permeated by the fra-grant aroma of flowers and perfumes!!!
Sooo I hope this description plus the pictures that I’ve provided are enough to allow you to see that I am a fun-loving individual, who you are able to appreciate well enough to want to get in contact with me!!! Otherwise, you can check me out on Facebook, where I am listed under my soon to be ex-husband’s name as Ivy Hilton and/Or on Instagram under GimWhiser. And, from here you should easily be able to see the picturesque view of a statuesque 5 ft, 7 in woman with “Beautiful Brown Eyes”, “Long Black Supple Hair”, “Pearly White Teeth”, “Coupled with a Million Dollar Smile” and “Luscious full Kissable Lips”. Who is full of positive energy, which is just brimming over the top ~ Eagerly awaiting the opportunity to share this with an adventuresome man who is interested in going to the movies, fine dining, taking long walks on the beach, hiking, long distance bike riding, skiing, miniature golfing, playing laser tag and/or paintball, horse-back riding, domestic and/or foreign travelling, dinner cruising and hot air ballooning!!! WHEW lol However, if you aren’t enthusiastic about doing those things, perhaps we can simply about them for now, and see what we can mutually agree on! Until Then, I am spinning reserve with baited breath anxiously anticipating your response… Talk to you soon!!!

Ivy Beverly #wf7373
FWF – A – 1 – 113L
PO Box 1790
Folsom, California 95763

Race: African-American
Date of Birth: 10-2-1969
Height: 5’7”
Religion: Non-Denominational
Education: Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry/Math Computer Programming Certificate Water/Land Aerobics Instructor Certificate
Earliest Release Date: 11-2-2018
Maximum Release Date: 3-19-2019
Would you like letters from both sexes?
(This does not refer to sexual orientation) 
Can you receive and send Email: No
Occupation before prison: Independent Business Owner “Nondi’s Naturals” All Natural Line of Health and Nutritional Products, Student Pursuing an Associate of Science Degree in Fire Science, EMT and Paramedics, Evangelist with the Combined Faith ministry.com
Activities in prison: Transitions Program, Narcotics Anonymous, Criminals and Gangs Anonymous, Insight Gardening, College Courses, The Urban Ministry Institute – (TUMI)
Anything Else? Work Experience: Mexican American History, English 101, Master Student, Religion, US History, Microeconomics