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Hi! I’m a fun loving, free spirited woman looking for a friend. Age isn’t an issue. I’m a very sweet person, and I hope we can brighten each other’s day. I love to laugh, and I’d like to have some FUN writing letters and then phone time, whatever suits you. These are my photos. Look me up on Facebook, I’m the only Heather Keylon from Knoxville, Tennessee. Add me and my mom will accept it. I also love music, all genres. I’m into Shakespeare, and reading. I like to learn, and I’m taking college courses, like psychology and sociology. So, educated men turn me on. A sense of humor is important to me. It’s how I have hope today, and I try not to let my circumstances or bad decisions define me.

Heather Keylon #388635
3881 Stewarts Lane
Nashville, Tennessee 37218

Race: White
Date of Birth: 8/26/1984
Height: 5'4"
Religion: Christian
Education: Some college
Earliest Release Date: 2028
Maximum Release Date: 11/19/2035
Can you receive email? No
Occupation before prison: Telemarketer
Activities in prison: Study Psychology, Sociology Courses for Diploma