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Devon Vega #1445848
Lonely Puerto Rican seeking long term friendships. My hobbies include working out,reading and watching all kinds of sports. My friends would say I am gregarious, love to laugh,selfless and your typical girly girl. I have an awesome personality and great sense of humor to match, I am a great listener and have been told I give great advice. I am honest, open minded and non judgmental. I have overcame many obstacles which fortunately led me to never take anything for granted. I've made my share of mistakes but am by far not a bad person. My past has not hindered me from accomplishing my dreams, goals or aspirations. As a matter of fact, it helped me to broaden my whole outlook on life. I promise to dedicate all of my time to you and give nothing less than 100%. I am very excited to see where my future leads me and hope to meet a lot of awesome people on the way. If you are interested in accompanying me, then you can either JPAY(email) me or write me snail mail at the address listed.

Devon Vega #1445848
Murray Unit
1916 N Highway 36 Bypass
Gatesville, Texas 76596

Race: Hispanic
Date of Birth: 8/9/1980
Earliest Release Date: 12/18/2025
Maximum Release Date: 2045
Can you receive email? Yes
If yes which service? www.JPay.com
Can you respond to email? No. Please leave your mailing address so I can respond
Occupation before prison:
Activities in prison: Reading, working out, watching sports
Anything else?