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Headline: “She’s Still Hot!”

Email me @ gettingout.com now!! I’ll email you back! Will you be my friend??

Hello! I’m Amber! I’m 38. I’m single, almost free after 17 years!! I made lots of mistakes when I was younger. I’ve changed and learned. I grew up in foster care. Toxic family.

I’m looking to make friends! Friends to welcome me home!

I had a tough past. No excuses. I’m starting over. I just wanted to tell you a bit of my background!! I have my very own weekly newspaper column!! If you’d like, maybe you can visit and buy me lunch in the visiting room!

I’ll respond to all letters/emails! I won’t play games with your head or your heart! Stop! Write me now! You may be what I’m missing in my life…

Amber Jackson X15530
California Institute for Women
16756 Chino Corona Road
Corona, California 92880

Date of Birth: 2/18/1984
Height: 5’3”
Earliest Release Date: 7/15/2023  
Maximum Release Date: Lifer
Would you like letters from both sexes? Both
(This does not refer to sexual orientation) 
Education: In College Now!!
Occupation before prison: Travel Agent, Homeless Veteran Outreach
Activities in prison: College for A.A., Artist, Poetry, Prayer, Prep for Parole
Can you receive and send emails: Yes, via gettingout.com
Anything Else?