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My name is Amber Rose Ramirez #2322795 and I'm from Sweetwater Texas. I have 2 kids.

I have blond hair, blue-green eyes, and I love to sing and dance. I am good hearted on the inside and out. I love old and young people and kids. I put God first in my life these days, but I also know how to have fun. I have a bad girl side to me.

I am looking for someone who will help hold me down. So I can make store and write and call/text my pen pal. I can't wait to meet you so pick me and let's meet.

Notice: If you write Amber via JPay.com email, you must include your postal mailing address or she will not be able to respond. Amber can receive emails but can only respond via postal mail.


Amber Ramirez #2322795
San Saba Unit
206 W. Wallace Creek Road
San Saba, Texas 76877

Date of Birth: 9-14-1985
Height: 5'2"
Education: High School Graduate
Earliest Release Date: End of 2021
Maximum Release Date: 10/20/2022
Can you receive email? Can receive via Jpay.com
Please provide your mailing address so I can respond
Occupation before prison: Self-Employed
Activities in prison: Church, art, rec, drawing, reading, and exercising
Anything else? Singing, dancing, reading, and exercising